One journey. Almost eighty years in the making.

Oilmax Singapore is officially the sole distributor of CALTEX Motorcycle Products in Singapore.

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Since 1936, CALTEX has been on a journey with only one destination – the satisfaction of our customers. The CALTEX Star, our symbol of quality, value and service, is also a constant reminder of our commitment to you. To renew your drive. To do the best we can to help you meet the needs of your journey. To recharge and refuel, not just your vehicle but your being. In addition to our accessible locations, modern facilities, high-quality products, and fast and friendly service, we’re always on the lookout for new partnerships that can deliver an even greater range of conveniences for you. Because at CALTEX, our journey has only one destination. You.


Our lubricants power bikes in 2B, 2A and class 2 categories.


Selectively formulated for the Asia Pacific region

Great Expertise

We recommend according to specifications

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Always ready to help our customers in need

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