Hybrid Automotive

Hybrid Automotive specialises in handling hybrid vehicles with advanced technological facilities, professional expertise and excellent knowledge. They are also the main supplier of hybrid automotive INC in Singapore supplying charger and dischargers to all workshops working with hybrid/electric cars making them the forefront workshop in this niche market.


  • Offers monthly subscription membership scheme: For a flat rate, membership covers everything including warranty of gearbox and battery except engine related issues and wear/tear.  


  • Experts in Hybrid and Electric cars: They educate workshops on basic knowledge of hybrid cars and pride themselves to be the best in the market. Hybrid Automotive is an AA approved workshop, they have also obtained Bizsafe level 4 certification, NEA authorize waste collector in disposing electronic components. 
  • Offers advanced diagnostic troubleshooting: Using the latest technology of OBD II, Hybrid Automotive provides state-of-the-art repair services for computerized vehicles. Their expert crew can quickly and precisely identify the fault and getting it fixed.
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Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hybridautomotivesingapore/


Address 31 Toh Guan Rd E, #01-05 LW Technocenter, Singapore 608608
Contact methods hybridauto.sg@gmail.com

8787 3321

Operating hours Mon – Sat: 930am – 630pm


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