The local workshop

The local workshop

The local workshop is nicely nestled at Level 5 of WCEGA Plaza in Bukit Batok. This workshop prides itself for being able to handle all brands of cars when it comes to service and maintenance. Keeping up with times, Boss Ken and his mechanics have also upgraded themselves with the knowledge of handling EV vehicles to keep up with the increase in hybrid cars. If you are looking for a personalised experience, The local workshop is the place to visit. 


Diverse services: Other than the usual servicing and maintenance, The local workshop started as a leasing company and still continues to serve the community with their car leases. Be assured that the vehicles up for leasing are in tip top conditions! 

Affordable prices: The local workshop are clear and transparent on their prices and only recommends what you will need. 

Experienced mechanics: Both mechanics at The local workshop have a minimum of 10 years of working experience and have a vast knowledge in handling different vehicles and issues. 

Website Nil
Social media platform  https://www.facebook.com/thelocalworkshop
Address NO.1 BUKIT BATOK CRESCENT, #05-16 WCEGA PLAZA Singapore, Singapore 658064
Contact methods thelocalleasing@gmail.com

9011 0003

Operating hours 10am -7pm (Monday to Friday) 

10am to 3pm (Saturday) 

Close (Sunday) 


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